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Switching from Hugo to Dokuwiki

When I first started to make a little website for myself as a hobby, I made it in Hugo, using the Cupper theme. But I've switched to Dokwiki now, and I feel much more at home.

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A Practical Introduction to a Personal Knowledge Base for Scientists (and Other People)

When I first started using Dokuwiki, i just put random notes there, not intending to really use it for much more than a fun hobby project. But it has now grown to a personal knowledge base with random facts, protocols, and information about techniques. I thought it would be useful for myself to write down what I've learned, and thought I could share it with others as well.

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Obsidian as a Lab Notebook

In a previous post, I discussed why you would want to use Obsidian as an electronic lab notebook (ELN). Just to quickly recap: Obsidian is flexible, (pretty) open, and free to use. In this post, I will guide you through the practical steps of setting up Obsidian for effective use as an ELN. First, I will explain broadly how everything sticks together, followed by a more in-depth exploration of the configuration details at the end of the post.

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